maXYmos - XY process monitoring system

The maXYmos process monitoring system controls the quality of individual steps in production as well as the final product.

The XY monitors of the maXYmos BL, maXYmos TL and maXYmos NC families for process monitoring allow to check and evaluate the quality of a product or production step on the basis of a curve. The user can apply evaluation objects in order to adapt the curve evaluation to the individual monitoring task. Based on this specification, the maXYmos BL, TL and NC can check each workpiece and decide whether the part is good or bad. The maXYmos TL ML process monitoring system is designed to meet the needs of medical device manufacturers in particular.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the maXYmos process monitoring system?

The maXYmos is a powerful process monitoring system that provides precise data for quality control in production processes.

What are the benefits of using the high-end process monitoring system maXYmos TL?
The maXYmos TL process monitoring system offers advanced features such as automated data analysis, customizable reports, and seamless integration with other systems. It helps manufacturers improve quality control, increase efficiency, and reduce costs in their production processes.
Is the maXYmos TL ML process monitoring system compliant with FDA and MDR criteria for medical device manufacturing?
Yes, the maXYmos TL ML is designed specifically for medical device manufacturers and meets all regulatory requirements for quality assurance. It offers traceability, data security, and validation options to ensure compliance with FDA and MDR standards.