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6 may 2021
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60 min

Hydrodynamics applications measurement technology

Operators of ships and offshore facilities face multiple challenges: while safety is always the primary concern, cost efficiency and environmental aspects also need to be considered. Hydrodynamic testing systems play a key part in ensuring that these diverse requirements are met – but they must often operate in challenging conditions underwater, or with exposure to watersplash. 

Kistler can look back on decades of experience as a solution provider to the maritime research and development sector. As well as optimizing overall ship integrity, our technologies improve vessels' propulsion systems – and we also offer best-in-class solutions for offshore structures. We now invite you to join our June webinar when our experts will explore practical aspects of measurement technology for hydrodynamics applications.

This wide-ranging online session will cover:

  • The piezoelectric measurement concept: operation and capabilities
  • Measuring chains
  • Signal conditioning
  • DAQ
  • Various applications such as
  • tow tanks and wave tanks
  • water tunnels
  • sloshing
  • other
  • Q&A