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17 oct 2021
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60 min

Electric motor testing for aerospace applications and beyond

Electric motors are not only conquering the automotive world, they also serve as actuators as well as main engines in many aerospace applications, from space vehicles over aircrafts to drones and new eVTOL air taxis.

Our experts will provide you with insights and best practices regarding the right measurement technology and efficient test procedures. The following topics will be covered:

  • Theory of operation (esp. torque and rotary)
  • Shaft and flange torque meters
  • Reaction torque
  • Installation
  • Use of couplings
  • Data acquisition
  • How to use outputs, ranges, resolution and dual range
  • Micro-vibration qualification with force sensors
  • Aerospace application examples
  • Test data management and analysis, e.g.:
    • Torque meter under load
    • Performance (good or bad electric motor)
    • High startup torque – low running torque
    • Reverse motor direction
    • Torque meters in a vibratory system or application

Kistler can provide you with complete measuring chains for almost all test requirements – from sensors over signal transmission and DAQ to post-processing and software – please use the Q&A session at the end of the webinar or ask Bill or Pascal for a personal follow-up meeting!