Non-contact microwave sensor Microstar II / CMSTRA

Non-contact microwave sensor Microstar II
  • Non-contact microwave sensor with a working range of 300 … 1200 mm (speed range: 0.5 … 400 km/h)
  • Adjustable filter time (unfiltered, moving average: 8 … 512 ms, FIR-Filter: 2 … 100 Hz)
  • Compensation of mounting angle errors (pitch angle) by two-beam planar antenna
  • Signal outputs: analog, digital, CAN bus, USB or RS-232C
ApplicationsVehicle durability testing, Vehicle dynamics testing
The measurement principle of the Microstar II sensor is based on the doppler effect in radar. The sensor consists of a two-beam planar antenna and an electronics unit with CAN bus. The very large working distance of 300 to 1200 mm makes it ideally suited for applications with utility and off-road vehicles and to accurately measure longitudinal speed under extreme conditions, e.g. in woods or mountains, where GPS or optical sensors are not capable of good measurements. Within the product range, sensors of the Microstar type are the most cost-efficient solution for measuring longitudinal dynamics. Microstar II microwave sensors measure the relative movement between sensor and test surface using a planar antenna, which projects two radar beams at 45° angles. Upon striking the test surface, the beams are reflected back to the sensor antenna. The resulting double frequency (equal to the difference of sent and received frequencies) is directly speed-proportional. The gained signal is converted to the desired dimension via high-performance signal processing and then sent to the corresponding outputs. Additional connections, such as an interface for flow-measure-ment systems (for consumption tests), or trigger inputs for light barriers or brake switches, provide exceptional testing power and flexibility in a highly compact package. When used with the delivered software, the Microstar II sensor functions as a complete data acquisition and evaluation system. The software enables test parameters and definitions to be permanently saved via software, along with online displays and evaluations, e.g. charts and plots. All measured signals can be saved and evaluated off-line.
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Microstar II Non-Contact - Microwave Sensors