Kistler introduces new process monitoring system ComoScout

Winterthur, September 2022 – With the new process monitoring system ComoScout, Kistler provides a lightweight solution for process monitoring that focuses on general signals coming from injection molding machines or from sensors other than cavity pressure sensors. It is a simple and cost effective tool for machine-based process monitoring and serves a gateway into the digital world for older machines as well as. It is also attractive for sectors that previously did not focus on process monitoring based on cavity sensors, such as the packaging industry.

ComoScout monitors signals coming from the injection molding machine and those from any sensors that deliver voltage outputs up to 10V. It opens up a whole new range of applications for manufacturers that previously shied away from investing in process monitoring even though its benefits are obvious: a process monitoring system stabilizes the production process and helps to create less to no waste because scrap is detected early. Parts that are not OK will be discovered, sorted out and recycled. This avoids secondary costs and waste.

Process monitoring system ComoScout
The process monitoring system ComoScout offers a wide range of possibilities to monitor machine parameters in injection molding processes. 

Broad range of applications

Yet for some industries where margins of precisions are less tight, manufacturers have preferred to accept a certain level of waste instead of investing in process monitoring. With ComoScout this is set to change. For all injection molding applications, ComoScout is an ideal starting point into full process monitoring. While the initial investment is moderate, ComoScout still offers the same look and feel as ComoNeo and features many of the same monitoring functions. The investment will also more than pay for itself when retrofitting older machines with a modern data gateway. ComoScout creates a direct OPC UA interface to deliver data from analog machines to MES systems or higher-level software systems. It thereby makes machines “smart”, paving the way to a fully smart factory.

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