Kistler’s DTI technology: the modern approach to in-dummy crash test measurements

Continental Safety Engineering needs its crash tests to be efficient and effective. And that’s precisely why Continental relies on data acquisition technology from Kistler, the innovation leader. Tried-and-tested DTI (Digital Transducer Interface) technology is installed in their crash test dummies.
Continental’s crash-test dummies have a track record of success – thanks to Kistler’s groundbreaking DTI technology.

Continental’s crash-test dummies have a track record of success – thanks to Kistler’s groundbreaking DTI technology.

DTI technology converts the analog measurement data into digital signals directly in the sensor and transmits them to a central data recorder via a digital data bus circuit. This is all accomplished inside the dummy. Kistler’s measurement technology gives Continental a whole series of benefits, such as reliability, high data quality and reduced space requirements.

Crash tests are a crucial factor in passive safety throughout the automotive industry. They give manufacturers and OEMs in-depth knowledge about the structural and energy absorption behavior of vehicles and their components, and they also show how a crash impacts the vehicle occupants. Results from these tests are key inputs for the development process. As vehicles become more complex and digitization becomes more widespread, there is a growing need for larger numbers of onboard and in-dummy measuring channels. Continental Safety Engineering International GmbH, based in Alzenau, has been collaborating with Kistler since 1993. The two firms’ cooperation focuses on data acquisition for sled tests, as well as crash tests and head impact tests (Free Motion Headform, or FMH for short). Continental – a subsidiary of the international technology corporation – operates its own test and development center in the Lower Franconia region of Germany. Since it was founded in 1992, the company has completed about 300 series development projects – here, as well as over 6, 000 crash tests and more than 200 simulated projects.

By introducing DTI technology, Kistler offered a straightforward solution for users to fully modernize their existing crash test measuring equipment. Like many other customers, Continental Safety Engineering was won over by this concept: in 2015, Kistler was contracted to expand the DAS and upgrade the existing in-dummy sensor systems to the new DTI technology.

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