In the Pole Position with Precision Sensors from Kistler

Modern motorsport vehicles and drivers operate at the absolute limit. Every bit of potential is drawn from core components, such as motors and chassis. To ensure that all individual parts function properly, access to exact measurement data is essential. The lightweight, compact, and long-lasting Kistler onboard sensors are, therefore, the perfect solution for use in motorsport.
Robust sensors with high signal quality for onboard motorsport applications from Kistler help boost engine performance.
Robust sensors with high signal quality for onboard motorsport applications from Kistler help boost engine performance.

Continuous optimization as a challenge

In modern motorsport, details are decisive for victory or defeat. The conditions are hard and demanding. The cars must meet high standards. To detect possible defects at an early stage and thereby be able to continuously optimize the performance, it is essential that high-precision measurement data be accessible at all times.

High-precision sensors for maximum data quality

Motorsport vehicles are constantly pushed to the limit. In these areas, it is a challenge to achieve reliable measurements. Not only do the sensors need to be extremely durable, they must also measure with high precision in the extreme range and, at the same time, be small enough to be installed in restricted spaces. Only in this way is it possible to achieve maximum data quality at all times and under all external influences.

Best performance with Kistler technology

Kistler offers innovative solutions for these application areas. With the durable, high-precision, and space-saving onboard sensors, problems can be detected early on and the motor performance thereby maximized. At the same time, monitoring systems from Kistler ensure continuous control and documentation of the dynamic processes. The sensors and systems supply the race teams with reliable, real-time data that allows them to keep an eye on the performance of the race cars and to make the necessary decisions that can be the difference between victory and defeat. This ensures that the race teams themselves can further optimize race performance at the highest level. You can find more information at our Motorsport pages.

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