Triaxial accelerometer, ceramic shear, high temperature, charge mode / 8248A3

Kistler offers triaxial high-temperature accelerometers featuring long-term stability for engine and powertrain NVH testing.
  • High-temperature triaxial accelerometer with charge output
  • Temperature range: –55 … +260°C
  • Sensitivity: –3.0 pC/g
  • Connector: 3 x 5-44 neg. (side)
Maximum measuring range (g)2000 gMounting typeCenter through hole, Adhesive / WaxOperating temperature range-54 … 260 °CApplicationsNVH testing
Electrical isolationGround isolationSensitivity for charge output-3 pC/gWeight10.4 grams
Triaxial charge mode accelerometer with a 2000 g range and an operating temperature up to 260°C