3D force plates with digital output, measuring range Fz -10 … 20 kN / 9667AA

3D force plates from Kistler deliver reliable data for comprehensive motion and performance analyses.


Versatile force plates which offer a wide range of applications thanks to their large measuring range, high natural frequency, excellent measuring accuracy, integrated digital electronics as well as simple connection and PTP synchronization of an unlimited number of plates in one system.
Main features / advantages
  • Extremely wide measuring range (–10 … 20 kN)
  • Excellent measuring accuracy
  • High natural frequency
  • Integrated digital electronics with charge amplifier
  • PTP synchronization of force plate systems (16+ plates)
The multicomponent force plates of Type 9667AA consist of an aluminum sandwich top plate of advanced, lightweight construction and 4 built-in piezoelectric 3-component force sensors. As a result they are very rigid overall and allow for measurements over a very wide frequency range. Thanks to the special properties of the piezoelectric sensors, the force plate is highly sensitive and can simultaneously measure very dynamic phenomena involved in a wide range of applications.
Data sheet
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Software application
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