RoaDyn – automotive testing system

Accurate wheel force measurement with minimum configuration effort.

RoaDyn measuring wheels in combination with KiRoad electronics are the measuring tools of choice when it comes to acquiring measurement data during vehicle dynamics measurement campaigns or operating loads.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the RoaDyn system used for automotive testing?
The RoaDyn system, the wheel force transducers and the wheel torque transducers, are used for vehicle durability, tire testing and vehicle dynamics, providing accurate road load data for performance optimization of modern and electric vehicle development.
What are the benefits of using a RoaDyn wheel force transducer for tire testing, vehicle durability and vehicle dynamics?
The RoaDyn wheel force transducers or wheel torque transducers, provide precise and reliable real-time measurements of wheel forces and moments, allowing for improved modern and electric vehicle testing, with reduced testing time and costs.
How often should I calibrate my RoaDyn wheel force transducers for vehicle testing?
It is recommended to calibrate your RoaDyn wheel force transducer every 12 months to ensure accurate measurements and reliable results. Regular calibration also helps to prolong the lifespan of your equipment.