KiTraffic Digital, the unique Weigh In Motion system for vehicle weight and tire enforcement

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KiTraffic Digital, the all-new Weigh In Motion (WIM) solution from Kistler, delivers unprecedented levels of precision and usability. Driven by the new Lineas Digital sensors with their unique design, it measures axle loads and vehicle gross weight with utmost accuracy – even with lane changes.

These advantages make KiTraffic Digital the solution of choice for direct weight and tire enforcement of overloaded trucks. The fully digitized measuring chain ensures ease of integration and operation: setup and cabling are highly efficient (no loops needed), and calculations are now much easier – including compensation for various environmental influences (such as road quality).

Based on advanced system architecture which enables calibration of every single quartz in the sensor, KiTraffic Digital delivers highly accurate results – regardless of the vehicle's actual position. With measuring accuracy of up to ± 2% and many additional benefits, the new Weigh In Motion system from Kistler delivers the performance that operators need for comfortable control of traffic on their roads. KiTraffic Digital was designed to measure free-flow traffic with maximum reliability, and it can even detect double, underinflated or flat tires on trucks.

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Precise: the world’s most accurate WIM sensor

  • ± 1% in laboratory qualification tests
  • ± 2% GVW in ideal road conditions
  • ± 5% GVW in almost any road conditions

This is how Lineas Digital is manufactured