Global repair service

Original parts for sustained performance
Products and solutions from Kistler are renowned for their reliability and long lifespans. Many of our sensors and measuring instruments are in operation for years – or even decades. In the rare event of a defect, we're quickly on hand to help by repairing your equipment with original parts, in accordance with the latest state-of-the-art. The repair service includes calibration and (as an option) a software update – the instrument you get back is fully functional and ready to operate right away.

Tailor-made service: put your trust in Kistler and choose the service you need!

Corporate Service Repair
Always close to you – all over the world

Thanks to our global service network, you can be sure that our technicians will arrive on the scene quickly, and any faulty instruments you send to us are handled efficiently. Replacement devices are generally available to bridge you over while the repair is performed.

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Spare parts stock for emergencies

We'll be glad to set up an emergency stock for you: we'll make sure the Kistler products you want are permanently available in a location close to you. That way, you can reduce downtime to the minimum and you have a full guarantee of continuous operation.

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Fullest provision for every contingency

When repaired devices are returned to you, they are in as-new condition and are freshly calibrated – so your valuable investment is protected. Depending on availability, you can opt for an individual service agreement with a flat rate for repairs.

Don't leave anything to chance – take advantage of excellent services you can rely on:

  • We fit original parts
  • We use high-precision measurement and test equipment
  • Our equipment meets the very latest standards

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