Wheel force transducer RoaDyn P530 for highly dynamic force and moment measurement of C1 tires, grease lubricated, 30 kN / 9295B2

RoaDyn P530 measuring hub, Type 9295B1
  • Piezoelectric wheel force transducer for highly dynamic tire measurements
  • Best suited for rim sizes ≥13" (smaller rims possible with appropriate adapter)
  • Maximum measuring accuracy during highly dynamic testing
  • Perfect for dynamic tire model validation when performing cleat tests
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Measuring ranges
Minimum measuring range [kN]
0 kN
Maximum measuring range [kN]
30 kN
Product type
Force sensor type
A dynamometer is a force plate measuring forces and moments.
Wheel hub force
Preloaded sensor
Preloaded sensors are already calibrated and therefore ready-to-use. Non-preloaded sensors are smaller.
Maximum crosstalk Fx→Fy
-2 … 2 %
Maximum crosstalk Fx→Fz
-2 … 2 %
Maximum crosstalk Fy→Fx
-2 … 2 %
Maximum crosstalk Fy→Fz
-2 … 2 %
Maximum crosstalk Fz→Fx
-2 … 2 %
Maximum crosstalk Fz→Fy
-2 … 2 %
Electrical properties
Output signal type
Charge (Piezoelectric, PE)
Certificates and Standards
Degree of protection EN 60529
Operation and installation
Tire testing, Vehicle durability testing
Cable properties
Cable included
No cable included
Connector type
Fischer 104 9-pin (negative)

The 5(6)-component RoaDyn P530 wheel force transducer (Type 9295B2) is ideally suited to measure the wheel forces and torques on tire test stands in the laboratory as well as on mobile test vehicles. The system measures the orthogonal forces Fx, Fy, Fz and torques Mx, My, Mz. Due to the high natural frequency, it measures the force variation (RFV, LFV, TFV) very accurately even in the highest harmonic vibration ranges. It is uniquely suited for the measurement of tire non-uniformity, tire vibration, and tire characteristics like HSU, Flat Spot, and Tire NVH. It is grease lubricated and can reach up to 2000 rpm.

Data sheet
RoaDyn® P530 Measuring Hub for Tire Test Stands
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