Piezoelectric sensor, longitudinal strain measuring pin (M10) / 9243B

Piezoelectric sensor, longitudinal strain measuring pin (M10)
  • Piezoelectric sensor, measuring range (axial): –1500 … 1500 με
  • Nominal sensitivity: –15 pC/με
  • Dimensions DxL (mm): 40x17x1
  • Output connection: M4x0.35 neg.
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Measuring ranges
Measuring range [µε]
-1500 … 1500 με
Product type
Strain sensor type
Longitudinal strain measuring pin
Mechanical properties
Preload force
16 kN
Axial preloading force pC
≈40000 pC
Force sensitivity for preload
-2.5 pC/N
2000 με
Metrological characteristics
Linearity represents the maximum deviation/error between ideal and actual output signal characteristics in relation to the measurand in a specific measuring range. It is expressed in percentage of the range of measurement signal (Full Scale Output).
≤±1 %FSO
≤2 %FSO
Repeatability of sensitivity after demounting and remounting
–1,1 %
Electrical properties
Output signal type
Charge (Piezoelectric, PE)
Minimal insulation resistance
10^13 Ω
Influence quantities
Sensitivity in test object
≈–15 pC/με
Maximal acceleration sensitivity
0.15 pC/g
Certificates and Standards
Degree of protection EN 60529
Operation and installation
Operating temperature range
-40 … 200 °C
Cable properties
Cable included
No cable included
Connector type
M4 (negative)
Dimensions and materials
Weight without cable and preloading bolt
4.8 g
Data sheet
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