Displacement sensor, potentiometric absolute linear transducer, 0 … 100 mm / 2121A100

Displacement sensor, potentiometric absolute linear transducer, 0 … 100 mm
  • Defined electrical measuring range: 0 … 100 mm
  • Temperature range: –30 to +100°C
  • Sensor connection: 4-pin M12x1 plug connector
  • High protection class IP65
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Measuring ranges
Operating force (horizontal)
≤3.7 N
Operating force (vertical)
≤7.6 g/ms
Mechanical properties
Mechanical stroke (dim. B +1.5mm)
105 mm
Shock resistance
50 g
Metrological characteristics
Linearity represents the maximum deviation/error between ideal and actual output signal characteristics in relation to the measurand in a specific measuring range. It is expressed in percentage of the range of measurement signal (Full Scale Output).
±0.1 %FSO
Electrical range
102 mm
Defined electrical range
100 mm
Electrical properties
Nominal resistance
3 kΩ
Resistance tolerance
20 ±%
Permissible applied voltage, maximal
42 mm
Recommended operating wiper current, maximal
1 μA
Wiper current in case of malfunction, maximal
10 mA
Dimensions and materials
Overall length (dimension A +1mm)
227 mm
Displacement sensor with resistance and collector path of conductive plastic on a glassfibre reinforced substrate with internal return spring for direct displacement and tolerance measurements and for continuous position sensing. Features include robust design with high protection class and outstanding accuracy, long life span, easy assembly and a defined electrical measuring range from 75 to 750 mm. The wiper system is mounted on the actuating rod and is coupled free of backlash. This guarantees highest accuracy and very long lifetime. The series can be used in a wide range of applications in mechanical and vehicle engineering industries as well as in automation and robotics, combining remarkable robustness with high accuracy.
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