Cavity pressure sensor, contact-free measuring, M5, with single-wire cable (length 1.5 m), no connector / 9247AG

Cavity pressure sensor, contact-free measuring, M5, with single-wire cable (length 1.5 m), no connector
  • Cavity pressure sensor for contact-free measurement of high pressures
  • Cavity pressure measurement behind the cavity wall, without imprint on the plastic part
  • Indirect measurement of injection pressure in the nozzle
  • Compact installation size
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On request
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Measuring ranges
Measuring range [µε]
-1400 … 1400 με
Product type
Pressure sensor type
Contactless cavity pressure sensors
Strain sensor type
Longitudinal strain measuring pin
Mechanical properties
Preload force
3.3 kN
Range with preload
–1400 ... 1400 με
Axial preloading force pC
≈–20000 pC
Force sensitivity for preload
-6 pC/N
±2000 με
Metrological characteristics
Linearity represents the maximum deviation/error between ideal and actual output signal characteristics in relation to the measurand in a specific measuring range. It is expressed in percentage of the range of measurement signal (Full Scale Output).
≤±2 %FSO
≤3 %FSO
Repeatability of sensitivity after demounting and remounting
Electrical properties
Output signal type
Charge (Piezoelectric, PE)
Minimal insulation resistance
10^11 Ω (200 °C)
Influence quantities
Sensitivity in test object
≈–8.6 pC/με
Maximal acceleration sensitivity
0.07 pC/g
Certificates and Standards
Degree of protection EN 60529
Operation and installation
Operating temperature range
-40 … 200 °C
Monitoring and control in injection molding, Semiconductor manufacturing
Cable properties
Cable included
Yes - fixed cable
Connector type
M4 (negative)
Dimensions and materials
Weight (without cable)
2.5 g
Weight without cable and preloading bolt
2.5 g
The Type 9247AG strain measuring pin measures forces of almost any size indirectly though strain. Pre-loaded for measurement of tensile as well as compression forces, it can be mounted at virtually any depth in the structure.
Data sheet
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