MaDaM from Kistler is a complete and scalable software solution to manage measurement data.

Professional measurement data management with MaDaM

At a time when more and more companies are setting up decentralized development centers, MaDaM gives engineers immediate access to all test data.

Users can quickly and securely extract relevant content from test data for downstream analysis. Thanks to its web-based architecture, MaDaM scales from applications in individual departments to globally interconnected development centers.

Measurement data management – data modeling in MaDaM – initial project setup tutorial

Watch this video to learn how you can define data and set up data models with the MaDaM data management platform from Kistler.

Process Big Test Data effortlessly – the MaDaM features

Interactive analysis with integrated jBEAM

Interactive evaluation

Many measurement engineers prefer to work interactively with well-known expert tools on the desktop: to meet their expectations, this option is also available in MaDaM. For an interactive evaluation, selected measurement data is loaded on the server side; required measurement channels are then transferred to a connected jBEAM on the desktop. As a web-optimized solution, data traffic in the network is minimized so as to ensure fast and efficient processing.

Measurement data management solutions for diverse industries

The MaDaM measurement data management software from Kistler supports research and development in the automotive industry.

Research and development in the automotive sector

There is no doubt that the automotive industry leads the world in innovation. Crash tests, road tests, NVH analyses and engine test benches: for all these applications and many more, Kistler supports automotive R&D departments by providing efficient measurement data management solutions. Our reliable metrology software supports the work of research and development engineers in the automotive industry, helping to ensure profitability thanks to benefits such as ease of use, customized configuration support, and the ability to perform comprehensive testing.

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