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Winterthur, April 2017 – Kistler's newly-developed sequencer mode makes it possible to program sequence controls – which actually control the process – in the maXYmos process monitoring system. There's an outstanding practical benefit: an independent sequence of steps can be defined for each measuring program.
Inline process monitoring – for example, with the maXYmos monitoring system from Kistler – offers quality assurance for medical devices.
Inline process monitoring – for example, with sensor technology and the maXYmos monitoring system from Kistler – is the key to achieving a high standard of quality assurance for medical devices.

For years, the XY monitors in Kistler's maXYmos series have played a key part in consistent, process-integrated quality assurance: the patterns of measurement curves can be used to monitor and verify the quality of a single production step, a sub-assembly or an entire product. Now, maXYmos users can also measure multi-stage production processes (i.e. those with consecutive staggered steps): this has been made possible by equipping the maXYmos TL (Top-Level System) and the maXYmos BL (Basic-Level System) with a sequencer mode, in the same way as the successful maXYmos NC.

Practical tests have shown the convincing results of this innovation: thanks to the integrated sequence control offered by sequencer mode, complex test processes can be mapped with no need to rely on costly external PLC programming. The programs can be set up quickly and easily with the help of the intuitive user interface on the touch display. In short: these new refinements to maXYmos now mean that optimal cycle times can also be achieved for multi-stage processes, with maximum repeat accuracy. Downtime is minimized and machine availability is increased – adding up to a remarkable boost in productivity for the entire manufacturing process. 

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