Wheel force transducers for cars, racing, SUVs, transporters and light trucks / RoaDyn S6 for passenger cars

RoaDyn wheel force transducers from Kistler measure road load data on test tracks

RoaDyn S6 for passenger cars

These wheel force transducers measure wheel forces (from 20 to 60 kN) and moments (from 4 to 8.5 kNm) both on test tracks and at test stands.
Main features / advantages
  • Short set-up time thanks to simple installation
  • Improved usability: exchangeable hub adapter
  • High accuracy: vanishing crosstalk and modulation with best-in-class hexapod calibration
  • Best signal-to-noise-ratio: digitalization directly on the sensor
  • Flexible transmission for test track application: inboard, outboard, wireless
The wheel force transducers RoaDyn S660 are a multiaxial measuring system for use in the development and testing of complete chassis and chassis components of vehicles. During measurements the RoaDyn S6 WFTs replace a standard wheel and measure the forces (Fx, Fy, Fz) and torques (Mx. My, Mz) applied through the tire contact patch in the three directions of the wheel coordinate system. While using the wheel force measuring system, it is important to ensure that it changes the characteristics of the car and components to be tested as little as possible. For this reason, the masses of the unsprung components and the moments of inertia of the rotating system must correspond as closely as possible to those of the particular standard wheel.