Strain gauge load cells for crash test dummies, shoulder, Q10 child / M536x3


The strain gauge dummy load cells of the family Type M536x3A are designed to measure forces in the area of shoulder of the crash test dummy Q10 (QA).
Main features / advantages
  • Shoulder
  • Triaxial (Fx, Fy, Fz)
  • DTI or analog version
  • Low linearity and hysteresis
  • Compatible with structural replacement
  • Polarities according to SAE J211/1
The family Type M536x3 dummy load cells are based on strain gauges using deformation bodies in which the forces and moments to be measured are introduced. To avoid linearity errors, the deformation paths are structurally designed for measurement applications so that a very proportional behavior can be realized. The strain gauges applied to these bodies enable the transformation of mechanical loads to proportional changes in resistance measured by a Wheatstone bridge.
Data sheet
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