Pressure generators for sensor calibration and verification / Pressure Generator

Hydraulic High Pressure Pulse Generator for the Dynamic Verification of 60xC, 70 … 1000 bar

Pressure Generator

These pressure generators are suited for calibration and verification of piezoelectric pressure sensors.
Main features / advantages
  • Tried and tested for piezoelectric pressure sensors
  • Up to 10000 bar hydraulic pressure
  • Quasi-static and dynamic load available
  • Multiple simultaneous calibrations possible
The Kistler pressure generators are specifically developed to calibrate, or verify, piezoelectric pressure sensors. Pressure generators for short pulses (<10 ms pulse duration) are available, as well as quasi-static ones (10 to 30 s pulse duration). This allows precise calibrations, as well as calibrations of IEPE sensors with short time constants. Both types of pressure generators are used in accredited procedures in Kistler laboratories.