Handheld charge amplifiers, insulation tester and transmitter monitor with data acquisition, up to 3 channels / 5811A

Measuring devices for quality control processes and location-independent verification of process parameters


The versatile handheld family with integrated data acquisition is suitable for quasi-static and dynamic measurements with piezoelectric sensors, insulation tests and monitoring transmitters and Kistler IO-Link devices or devices with ±10 V analog output.
Main features / advantages
  • 4.3" touchscreen display for simple configuration and control
  • Tactile buttons for main controls allow operation with gloves
  • Integrated data acquisition with up to 50 kSps per channel
  • Trigger input / analog output for interaction with external systems
  • Robust housing with IP54 protection for harsh environments
  • Integrated, rechargeable and replaceable battery
  • USB-C port for battery charging and data exchange

The handheld charge amplifiers/ insulation testers Type 5811A00 and Type 5811A01 can be used wherever mechanical quantities are measured with piezoelectric sensors. For environments and applications where the use of a mains-powered charge amplifier in combination with a host computer for visualization and data acquisition of the measurement signal is not suitable, the battery-powered devices can perform this task.

The variant handheld charge amplifier Type 5811A00 acts also as a service tool for testing the insulation of piezoelectric measuring chains (sensor and cable) as part of regular maintenance work to verify sensor and cable quality.

The variant Type 5811A01 can be used for monitoring transmitters, Kistler IO-Link devices or any device with ±10 V analog output. The two M12 connectors of variant Type 5811A01 can be configured as transmitter input, analog input or SDCI, making this device suitable for multichannel measurements.

Does the handheld Type 5811A00 combine the functions of a charge amplifier and an insulation tester in one device?

Yes, the handheld Type 5811A00 offers both functions in one device. It is possible to opt for a single device with either a charge amplifier or an insulation tester function, or to combine both functions in one device. Functions that were not originally purchased with the device can be purchased retrospectively and activated via a software license. This means that the range of functions of the device can be easily expanded at any time.

How long can I operate the handheld devices Type 5811A on battery?

The typical battery runtime is 8 to 11 hours. For the handheld Type 5811A01 the battery runtime is reduced if sensors are powered via the handheld device.

How long can I record data with the handheld devices Type 5811A?

The maximum recording time mainly depends on the number of channels, sampling rate and data format. For example, a single channel sampled with 50 kSps and stored in mdf format can be recorded for up to 4.5 hours. For other configurations please check the datasheet.

What is the degree of protection of the handheld devices Type 5811A?

The handheld devices Type 5811A comply with protection class IP 54 in accordance with DIN EN 60529 and therefore meets the usual industry standards.

Can I operate the handheld devices Type 5811A with gloves on?

Touchscreen-compatible gloves are required to operate the touchscreen with gloves. However, the handheld devices can also be operated with normal work gloves by using the action buttons on the side of the device for the most common actions:

  • Power on/off
  • Measure/Reset
  • Start/Stop recording or save result
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