Ceramic shear accelerometers, triaxial, high-temperature, charge mode / 8248A

Kistler offers triaxial high-temperature accelerometers featuring long-term stability for engine and powertrain NVH testing.


Designed for long-term, high operational temperature stability at 260°C, these accelerometers simultaneously measure shock and vibration in three orthogonal axes.
Main features / advantages
  • High impedance, charge mode
  • Long-term stability at extended temperatures
  • High temperature (260°C)
  • Low transverse sensitivity
  • Ceramic shear sensing element
The Type 8248A high temperature, triaxial accelerometer is housed in a rectangular-shaped package with a center through hole for seamless orientation of the sensor. Laser-etched markings on all sides clearly identify the three axes. A ceramic shear sensing element produces a charge output that can easily be converted into a useable analog voltage signal via a charge amplifier. Shear technology from Kistler assures high immunity to base strain, thermal transients, and transverse accelerations.
Data sheet
Ceramic Shear Accelerometers – (High Impedance – Charge Mode)
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