Software for ComoNeo and ComoScout, AkvisIO IME data storage and analytics software / 2878A

AkvisIO IME is our recommended data analysis software for injection molding processes in the 3C electronics industries.


Single-source-of-truth to process data to conduct data analytics for quality assurance and process improvements.
Main features / advantages
  • Single-source-of-truth about all recorded process data
  • Cross-device synchronization of quality-oriented data
  • Comparison of efficiency across batches and production orders
  • Fast detection of process fluctuations and parameter trends
  • Access to advanced analytics and support systems

AkvisIO IME (Injection Molding Edition) is a software for data storage and analysis in the injection molding sector. It replaces the previously existing ComoDataCenter as a database solution and extends it with advanced analysis options. The connection to field devices such as the ComoNeo and ComoScout, but also to the injection molding machine itself, can be easily configured and established. For this purpose, AkvisIO supports common communication standards such as EUROMAP 63 or the OPC-UA-based EUROMAP 77.
Process data from sensors, machines and peripherals are synchronized by AkvisIO to provide a single-source-of-truth for existing process data, e.g. for generating quality reports or improving process settings. In addition, AkvisIO forms the basis for further add-ons for advanced data analysis based on statistical methods or artificial intelligence.

Data sheet
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Software application
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