Software for acquisition and evaluation of highly dynamic events / 2931A

KiDynamic software for highly efficient workflow based testing


Template based acquisition and evaluation of measurement campaigns with high degree of automation for EPVAT, CIP and SAAMI
Main features / advantages
  • Template based measurements
  • Predefined processes for EPVAT, CIP and SAAMI
  • Integrated data base for measurement equipment
  • Visual pass/fail
  • Simple data export with csv, xml, pdf and more
  • Automated report generation

KiDynamic was developed specifically to work with the transient recorder 2529A. The software enables highly efficient test campaings in production monitoring and quality inspections according to AEP-97, CIP and SAAMI. 
The thorough integration of the transient recorder and the established interfaces for third party components allow a simple user experience from a single user interface. 
The automated data export (xml, csv, pdf, xls) ensures the integration into existing production monitoring solutions. 

Software application
KiDynamic Software
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