KiDAQ measurement modules

With the KiDAQ data acquisition system, Kistler offers a wide selection of modules for various measurands and sensors – from simple voltage signals across strain gage bridges and IEPE sensors up to charge signals from piezoelectric sensors.

Select from broad range of over 20 KiDAQ measurement modules the types you need to measure your desired signal. If it is analog (voltage, current, resistance, potentiometer, resistance thermometers RTD (Pt100, Pt1000), thermocouple, strain gage, inductive bridge, LVDT displacement, piezoelectric (charge), IEPE (Piezotron), MEMS capacitive (K-Beam) or piezoresistive pressure transmitters) or digital (frequency, pulse width, counter, time, status).

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All modules are available in the KiDAQ housing options Rack, Portable and DIN Rail which allows the use in different applications and environments. For the integration in field busses and real-time control systems there is also an EtherCAT version available.

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