automatica 2023: new solutions for sustainable production

Winterthur, May 2023 – At automatica 2023 in Munich from 27th to 30th of June, Kistler's exhibits are all about precise measurement data for an optimized, resource-efficient production: At booth 205 in hall B5, we'll be presenting a wide range of solutions for more sustainable production processes.

Data acquisition more precise thanks to the new 5073B charge amplifier with measuring range starting at 20 picocoulomb.
More accurate data acquisition: Thanks to its wide measuring range (starting from 20 picocoulombs), the new 5073B charge amplifier from Kistler is ideal for applications in micromechanics, the medtech sector or the semiconductor industry.

New piezoelectric load cell can measure even the smallest forces

Thanks to a new piezoelectric crystal developed by Kistler, the new 9172CD piezoelectric load cell is nine times more sensitive than conventional load cells. The preloaded cell can measure compression and tensile forces of up to 1,000 N directly after it has been installed.

Because of its compact design and high sensitivity, the sensor is the solution of choice for demanding applications with small force ranges – and delivers precise measurement data thanks to three calibrated measuring ranges.

Handheld family enables data analysis directly on the machine

With the new test devices of the 5811 family, Kistler is presenting two mobile measuring instruments with integrated charge amplifiers. Both test devices enable users to analyze, verify and compare data from built-in sensors directly on the machine – without having to waste time and resources on dismantling them. This enables you to efficiently optimize your production parameters based on precise data and increase the sustainability of your production.

High-performance measuring amplifier 5073B makes debut at automatica 2023

The new 5073B measuring amplifier has a measuring range that starts at 20 picocoulomb and allows internal summing and weighting of multiple sensor signals – enabling precise data acquisition that can be configured individually. Users can also monitor threshold values and keep track of peak values during production.

Thanks to comprehensive, fast data analysis, we support you in maintaining constant product and process quality – and help you protect plant components from premature wear due to overloading.

We look forward to seeing you at our booth at automatica 2023.

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