Biofidelic crash test dummies for accident reconstruction from CTS and Kistler are instrumented according to customer needs.

Accident reconstruction dummies

New biofidelic technology

For diverse applications including accident reconstruction, rescue training and blast testing, the biofidelic PRIMUS dummy from CTS and Kistler delivers highly accurate and reliable test results. Equipped with human-like bones, ligaments and joints, it can be combined with in-dummy and additional sensors for very precise and comprehensive measurements of dynamic processes.

During development of PRIMUS, particular attention went on the structural design and the materials used in order to reproduce the effects of shock and pressure loads on the human body as realistically as possible. For example, the innovative accident reconstruction dummy uses bone substitute material which imitates the mechanical properties of human bones (e.g. breaking strength).

PRIMUS features and benefits

  • Biofidelic crash test dummy for accident reconstruction with “real human” properties
  • Flexible instrumentation with Kistler in-dummy sensors and/or other products
  • Realistic degrees of freedom of movement (e.g. standing, sitting, twisted postures)
  • Customized dummy design to suit the purpose of use (e.g. breakable/non-breakable)

Get your individual and fully customized dummy

Each PRIMUS dummy can be individually equipped and flexibly adapted to customers’ requirements: for example, individually designed measurement technology can be supplied, sections of tissue and bone can be specially adapted, and other functions can also be customized. Kistler offers the PRIMUS dummy in partnership with CTS, a crash testing specialist based in Germany.

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