Vester Electronics GmbH

Who is Vester Elektronik GmbH?

The Straubenhardt-based former Vester Electronik GmbH was founded in 1968 as a family business and has been part of the Kistler Group since 25 August 2017. It has been operating under the company name Kistler Straubenhardt GmbH since 2020. 

The company's focus is on the production of high-quality optoelectronic sensors for control and process monitoring in the field of stamping and forming technology, image processing-supported automated testing and sorting systems for 100-percent inspection as well as laser marking systems. 

With the acquisition of Vester Elektronik GmbH, the Kistler Group was able to expand its portfolio of dynamic measurement technology to include optical testing systems for quality assurance and optoelectronic sensors. The areas of application for Kistler's extensive range of products thus extend from stamping technology through turning and plastic parts to mass production in the automotive industry or medical technology.

The former Vester Elektronik GmbH benefits from the global corporate structure of the Kistler Group, which enables effective internationalisation of the company, which was previously active exclusively in Germany. Customers benefit from the Kistler Group's worldwide service and sales network.

The former Vester Elektronik GmbH was renamed Kistler Straubenhardt in 2020.
Location of the former Vester Elektronik GmbH, renamed Kistler Straubenhardt in 2020: Here, automated inspection systems for stamped, mass and serial parts are created on the basis of technically advanced optical measurement technology.

Automated test systems from (formerly) Vester Elektronik GmbH / now Kistler Straubenhardt GmbH - for which applications are they suitable?

Automated inspection is used for efficient quality assurance by means of 100-percent inspection and sorting of serial parts. Automated inspection systems are used especially for very large quantities: either integrated into the production line or as a stand-alone solution.

  • Testing of stamped parts (KVC 620/621)
  • Testing of turned, pressed and plastic moulded parts, continuous testing of individual parts (KVC 120)
  • Testing of series parts, continuous testing of individual parts (KVC 821)
  • Testing of continuous material (KVC 620/621)
  • Testing of bulk materials 
  • Monitoring of stamping and forming processes
  • Measuring and labelling complex geometries (link to KVC 621)
  • Testing according to individual requirements using test system with robot handling and other automation solutions (Smart Single Stations)