Systèmes d'assemblage électromécaniques à commande numérique de Kistler - contrôle total grâce à la surveillance et à la régulation des processus d'assemblage et de pressage.

Joining and testing for assembly processes

100 percent quality thanks to precision and reliability

Kistler, your one-stop supplier: From a single sensor with process monitoring device to a pre-tested joining system or a customer specific semi-automatic station –  solutions all according to your requirements.

Our solutions for your joining application

Diverse joining applications

Les systèmes d'assemblage de Kistler permettent de tester et de mettre en œuvre efficacement de nombreux processus d'assemblage différents.

Joining processes such as press-fitting, caulking or clinching are among the most common steps in industrial production. With process monitoring and control based on force or torque measurement in conjunction with displacement or angle measurement, they can be sustainably optimized: Quality, efficiency, and transparency increase. Thanks to sequence control and precisely adjustable quality criteria, you can implement your assembly processes more efficiently, precisely, and sustainably.

You also benefit from higher process reliability and thus quality, while productivity increases: With integrated sensor technology and process monitoring, you shorten cycle times and receive reliable data on every single product manufactured - resources are conserved and operating costs are reduced.

Your benefits

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  • 100% control of the quality
  • Traceable process documentation
  • Resource efficiency and cost reduction
  • High product quality
  • Less scrap
  • Fast and simple integration
  • Flexible interfaces
  • Suitable for dynamic production processes

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