Schatz AG

Who is Schatz AG?

The Remscheid (DE) based former Schatz AG (founded in 1955) and its American sales and service company Schatz USA, Inc. in Holly (MI, USA) were acquired by Kistler on 12 May 2016.

Kistler Remscheid (formerly Schatz) develops and produces systems for quality assurance in bolting technology: laboratory systems for the analysis of bolted joints, calibration equipment and testing systems for torque tools as well as portable measuring systems for random sample testing. In addition, the company offers the associated network software and the necessary calibration and repair service.

With the acquisition of the market and technology leader, Kistler covers additional important application areas of measurement technology and now specifically offers complete systems and services for the quality assurance of bolted joints: Today, bolting processes are still among the elementary basic processes in industrial production. The monitoring and control of bolted joints is of the utmost importance for quality assurance, especially in the automotive industry.

Conversely, the former Schatz Group benefits from the Kistler Group's complementary product portfolio and global distribution network. Improved access to international markets opens up new growth opportunities. Customers of both companies benefit from the increase in know-how and global availability.

    The former Schatz AG has been part of the Kistler Group since 2016 and is now called Kistler Remscheid GmbH.
    Location of the former Schatz AG, which has been part of the Kistler Group since 2016 and is now called Kistler Remscheid GmbH - testing and analysis systems for quality assurance in fastening technology are developed and produced here.

    For which applications are testing and analysis systems from Schatz, now Kistler Remscheid GmbH, suitable?

    Testing and analysis systems for the continuous monitoring of the functional properties of bolted joints (coefficient of friction, preload force, torque), the bolting tools and the manufacturing processes are used for the targeted monitoring of tolerance limits. They allow process deviations to be detected at an early stage and rectified during the process. The measured values are documented and provide proof of the quality of the bolted joints.

    Comprehensive quality assurance by monitoring the bolting technology in production:

    • Analysis and inspection of bolted joints (coefficient of friction, preload force (ANALYSE system, brochure bolted joints?)
    • Dynamic tool testing in screw assembly ( combiTEST mobile, cerTEST mobile/stationary)
    • Calibration of torque spanners according to ISO 6789 (combiTEST mobile, caliTEST mobile/stationary)
    • Process testing in screw assembly for permanent optimisation of the screw assembly processes (INSPECTpro, analysis spanner, torque sensors)
    • Monitoring of bolting processes with torque sensors

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