Accredited calibrations and service calibrations of measurement equipment provide the basis for precise measurements.

Why calibrate with Kistler?

Kistler is the global market leader in dynamic measurement technology. We aim for quality and maximum precision – goals that apply not only to our products, but also to our service.

Every measuring instrument is exposed to environmental influences throughout its lifetime: wear, overloading, vibrations or shocks can falsify measured values without the user noticing. This is why regular calibrations are essential to guarantee the precision and reliability of measurement solutions.

Calibrations create added value

A calibration supplies clear answers to questions about the metrological characteristics of a measuring instrument: 

  • Does it measure with adequate accuracy?
  • How good is the repeatability?
  • Does it have a linear characteristic?

Regular calibrations are the only way to get answers to these questions. Repeated calibrations – ideally performed by the same service provider – deliver the data you need to evaluate the measuring instrument. This data provides a reliable basis for defining recalibration intervals and making other decisions. 

Kistler is your accredited partner for traceable calibrations compliant with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

Traceable calibrations and service calibrations of measuring instruments are essential to ensure that measurements are precise. Kistler responds to this need with a comprehensive range of calibration services tailored to our customers' individual needs. Traceable calibrations are performed by laboratories accredited for this purpose. A traceable calibration is the only way to guarantee complete metrological proof according to national or international standards – a prerequisite for compliance with norms such as IATF 16949.

Traceable calibrations and recalibration services by Kistler ensure the precision of measuring instruments.

After a second or third calibration (ideally carried out by the same calibration provider), confidence in the instrument can also be proven by data: this creates the basis for further decisions on topics such as recalibration intervals. All measurement instruments are exposed to environmental influences throughout their lifetimes. Wear and tear, an overload or a crash can damage your equipment or change its properties: these events could falsify the data you obtain – but instrument users might not even be aware of such problems.

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