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Winterthur, August 2018 – Vester Elektronik GmbH of Straubenhardt, Germany, joined the Kistler Group in August 2017. Vester offers numerous advantages that benefit Kistler's customers: innovative measurement technology, complete test and sorting systems for quality assurance aided by image processing software – and a wide-ranging stock of technological expertise.

Reliable and troublefree production processes essentially depend on the functional safety and reliability of technical structures, equipment and plant, and on monitoring these elements. Ever since Vester was founded 50 years ago, this family firm has pursued one mission: to prevent errors in the production process with the help of efficient control systems. To accomplish this mission, two business divisions have developed at Vester as the years have gone on. Sensor Technology and Process Monitoring handles the company's traditional business activities, with the addition of lighting components for Vision systems, while Vester's second business division focuses on Test Automation. 

In the Sensor Technology and Process Monitoring division, the objective is to prevent disruptions by deploying sensors – mainly IR and laser light barriers as well as control systems – that ensure safe, reliable and troublefree punching and forming processes. The benefits: malfunctions in the punching process can be prevented, so costly consequential damage such as tool breakage is avoided. Vester's Test Automation division concentrates on 100% quality control for zero-defect deliveries, as well as part marking to ensure traceability throughout the production path.

Test technology based on image processing
Test technology based on image processing

Vester's testing technology generates high customer satisfaction levels

Pro-sort GmbH is one of many companies that have opted for testing technology from Vester – with successful results. This company performs various testing assignments on behalf of its industrial customers. pro-sort GmbH handles a vast number of different parts and often has to comply with highly complex quality control requirements. To meet these challenges, the company opts for testing technology from Vester. A total of eleven test systems guarantee high throughput rates for parts to be tested and sorted at pro-sort. The systems run on a three-shift basis with weekend operation when necessary. In this optimized complete solution, each test cell can quickly be adapted to users' specific requirements. Vester consistently pursues one objective here: to improve vertical production integration and the high quality that it achieves. Following the addition of a new production hall in 2013, Vester's test systems are now used to inspect up to 350 million parts every year.

Kistler's customers benefit from new measurement technology

Vester's integration into the Kistler Group gives our customers access to the entire spectrum of testing technology expertise – from one single source. As well as specific technical know-how regarding sensor technology and plant engineering, Vester has enormous expertise in optoelectronics. So another aim of this acquisition is to set up a center of competence for optical measurement technology in Germany. 'This new technology is the perfect complement to Kistler's traditional measurement technology,' Kistler Group CEO Rolf Sonderegger comments. 'It will allow us to develop new applications so we can do even more to meet the expectations of existing and new customers alike.' But the merger also represents a step forward for Vester Elektronik GmbH. By taking advantage of a global corporate structure and the resources that it offers, Vester will be able to tap new markets. As in the past, the focus will be on long-lasting, dependable working relationships with customers and business partners, and a strongly service-oriented approach.

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