Jul 13, 2020
Recording available
120 min

System overview of joining systems from Kistler – how to set them up and gain the best

This webinar is a FREE of charge online training on how to perfectly manage a joining system from Kistler controlled by maXYmos NC.
All topics cover the complete range of features and functionalities of the system. You can select the right sessions for your need or attend all sessions to achieve the fullest advantage.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Setup the maXYmos NC
  • Parametrize the sequenze using the sequence editor
  • Choose the right evaluation object for the most efficient process evaluation strategy
  • When and how to use an external sensor
  • Process data export: setup and formats
  • Offline tools: utility features
  • Joining systems’ safety features and compliance
  • JCC: Joining Competence Center, the right support from early stage of design