Piezoresistive (PR) absolute pressure transmitter for harsh environments / 4260A

Piezoresistive (PR) absolute pressure transmitter for harsh environments
  • Pressure ranges from 1 to 350 bar (15 to 5 000 psi)
  • Compensated temperature range: –40 to 120°C (–40 to 250°F)
  • Wide choice of pressure and electrical connections
  • Electrical output options: mV, V and mA
Pressure range, barometric0.75 … 1.15 barAVibration, 50 g peak, 10 Hz to 2 kHz perResponse <0.05Compensated temperature range-40 … 120 °C-20 … 80 °C for barometric2 %FSThermal effects (reference at 25 °C), -10 … 50 °C1 %SpanFrequency response, maximum2000 HzOutput noise typical, mA output, maximal0.1 mVrmsSupply voltage effects maximum (regulated units)0.005 %Span/VWarm up time, V output, maximal1 msOptions, shunt calibration (Rcal), ±20% (V only)80 %FSInsulation resistance, at 500 VDC100 MΩWeight, maximal226 gMaximum measuring range350 barMaximal operating temperature125 °CCertificationATEX, IECEx, CEOutput signal typeVoltage or Current (Piezoresistive, PR)
Design life50 million at 2 HzOperating temperature range, mV and V output-55 … 125 °CStorage temperature range, mV and V output-55 … 125 °C0 … 50 °C for barometric1 %FSLong term stability (12 months), span±0.1%DC output impedance, V output, maximum200 ΩOutput noise typical, V output, maximal1 mVrmsWarm up time, mA output, maximal3 msOptions, non-interactive zero and span adjust±5 %FSProof pressure>3xFS pressureMedia compatibilityStainless steel 316LInstallation torque15 NmMinimal operating temperature-55 °CNatural frequency2 kHzBurst pressure>4xFSApplicationsRocket and jet engine testing, Combustion measurement analysis, Hydroelectric power plant testing and monitoring, Oil and gas pipe testing and monitoring

The modular high performance pressure transmitters of the 4260A series are characterized by high accuracy and excellent long-term stability, even in harsh environments with high temperature extremes, high vibration and shock loads.

Please use the web configurator at www.kistler.com/prt to construct your valid 16-digit type number transmitter and to download the corresponding CAD model.

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