Piezoelectric (PE) pressure sensor, miniature pressure transducer with high sensitivity (250 bar / 3626 psi) / 601CAA

Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor Type 601C
  • Pressure sensor with measuring range up to 250 bar (3626 psi)
  • Operating temperature range: –196 to 350°C (–321 to 662°F)
  • Membrane optimized for high thermal shocks
  • Charge (PE) output
Overload300 barMaximal linearity≤±0.3Pressure range0 … 250 barRise time (10 … 90%)<1.4 μsMinimal operating temperature-196 °CNatural frequency215 kHzMounting size5.5 mmRadial acceleration sensitivity0.0001 bar/gApplicationsNVH testing, Rocket and jet engine testing, Marine propulsion investigation and optimization, Sloshing and slamming testing, Efficient noise and vibration reduction at sea, Power grid components testing, Hydroelectric power plant testing and monitoring, Nuclear power plant testing and monitoring
Typical linearity≤±0.1 %FSOHousingStandard housingNoise (1 Hz … 10 kHz) (typ.)15 μbarrmsMaximum measuring range250 barMaximal operating temperature350 °CCertificationCE, IP68 (waterproof)Axial acceleration sensitivity0.002 bar/gOutput signal typeCharge (Piezoelectric, PE)
The miniature pressure sensors of the 601C series are, due to their high sensitivity, suited for a variety of applications where very small pressure pulsations need to be measured. In addition, the optimized diaphragm ensures accurate dynamic pressure measurements, even when the diaphragm is simultaneously exposed to a high thermal shock.
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