Mobile fastener testing with INSPECTpro: now even more user-friendly

Winterthur, April 2019 – INSPECTpro, Kistler's universal testing system, is the efficient solution for on-the-spot testing of the functional characteristics of threaded joints. Precise measurement of the assembly process ensures optimum production quality. And wireless transmission now makes it even more convenient to perform testing tasks.

Many manufacturers are currently facing a major challenge: how to implement the most comprehensive quality assurance across all their production processes? Fastening is one of the most frequently used joining methods in industrial series production. The critical factor: reproducing the preloading force required for each joint as accurately as possible. This force depends on many influencing parameters such as friction, settling behavior, properties and condition of the parts, and the power tool. But measuring it directly is bound to involve enormous effort and cost. This is why rotation angle and torque are generally used as auxiliary parameters to determine the preloading force, with statistical evaluation of their measurements.

Flexible, standard-compliant testing

Kistler's INSPECTpro mobile testing system is a universal solution for testing large numbers of different joints in distributed production environments. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, this portable test device can be used for on-the-spot random sample testing – and it is equally suitable for continuous operation in the laboratory. INSPECTpro meets the requirements for process testing of threaded joints as per standard VDI/VDE 2645, sheet 3 – with the added benefits of highly efficient testing and comprehensive documentation.

To examine a joint directly in its assembly environment, a suitable sensor positioned between the fastener and the torque wrench is connected to INSPECTpro. Kistler's measuring system can be used with a wide and varied range of torque, rotation angle and other sensors: depending on their specifications, the sensors are detected automatically (AUTOCODE system for Kistler sensors). The benefit: measurement can usually start right away. Determination of the overall coefficient of friction as per ISO 16047 is also possible with the use of Kistler preloading force sensors. Optional hardware and software modules enable users to perform specialized testing tasks such as carry-on tightening, tool testing or measurements of vehicle door closing effort.

INSPECTpro, Kistler's portable test system for fastening technology, now offers wireless data transmission as an added feature.
INSPECTpro, Kistler's portable test system for fastening technology, now offers wireless data transmission as an added feature.

Taking the lead in quality assurance

Kistler's portable INSPECTpro system is also an exceptionally efficient solution for testing in distributed production environments. User benefits:

  • Universal system suitable for diverse fastening technologies, e.g. handheld or built-in power tools, manual wrenches
  • In-process error detection
  • Reduced quality costs
  • Compliance with standards and enhanced process efficiency
  • Documentation and long-term analyses
  • Protection against product liability cases

Convenient data management and comprehensive evaluation

The latest version of INSPECTpro has an additional new feature: wireless data transmission. This allows downstream evaluation and documentation of the measured process parameters on a PC, with no need to use the SD memory card every time. Our matching CEUS PC software offers wide-ranging analysis and documentation functions such as long-term statistical process evaluation. INSPECTpro is equipped with sensors and software modules to meet each customer's individual requirements; on request, the entire measuring chain – with all the optional sensors and modules – can be calibrated in a Kistler test laboratory.

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