Kistler View 2018

Focus on networking and digitization

Digital transformation is a top priority for Kistler. Together with you we are able to develop future technologies and to gain a leading edge through innovation. Discover the diversity of opportunities that are becoming available through digitization for us in the latest issue of Kistler View.

Topics Kistler View 2018:

Digitize, synchronize, optimize

The Internet of Things will make a lasting mark on the automotive industry in the coming years: Trends such as self-driving cars and connected cars with networked services call for increasingly complex test setups. Due to their outsource, suppliers are confronted with the challenge of conduction the tests quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Connected, from the sensor to the ERP

Data consistency and connectivity - We are dedicated to the vision of providing the global production industry with high-performance process monitoring systems that bring quality and efficiency on the production floor to a new level.

Joining forces to make traffic safer

As a cause of traffic accidents, speeding presents police and local authorities with significant challenges. Speed cameras have been proven to make a major contribution to improving traffic safety. With the acquisition of Germany-based eso GmbH, Kistler now offers a comprehensive solutions portfolio for traffic monitoring.

Close to you, around the world

The Kistler Group is wherever its customers are. Your needs and concerns are important to us, and our new, division-based service structure allows us to serve you even more effectively. We are ready to serve your needs with our global calibration service and application-specific services, as well as repairs and product customizations on-site. For customer service that is fast and uncomplicated.