Kistler adds new functions to its KiDAQ data acquisition system

Winterthur, February 2020 – Development work never stops on KIDAQ, the universal modular data acquisition system from Kistler. Users now benefit from a host of additional innovative features such as a special module for accelerometers in the K-Beam series, new high-voltage modules and improved analytical capability.

Yet again, the Kistler Group has consolidated its leading position in the global market for dynamic measurement technology with system features such as KiXact (for automatic calculation of measurement uncertainty) and KiConnect (for synchronized networking of various measuring instruments in one setup). Users are now offered additional options thanks to the ongoing development of KiDAQ, the ecosystem for data acquisition and measurement technology.

The KiDAQ data acquisition system from Kistler with KiStudio Lab and jBEAM offers a flexible universal measurement technology platform.
With KiDAQ, the universal data acquisition system and the KiStudio Lab software with jBEAM, Kistler offers its customers a wide-ranging measurement technology platform to handle a variety of applications.

New modules for acceleration and high-voltage measurements

'KiDAQ users can already choose from a wide range of modules for over 20 measurands,' according to Manuel Blattner, Head of Test & Measurement at Kistler. 'And now they have even more scope thanks to the new 5514A module for our capacitive uniaxial or triaxial accelerometers in the K-Beam series.' The module is available with two connection versions (4×4 pin uniaxial, and 2×9 pin triaxial), and it features a sampling rate of 20 kSps with ADC resolution of 24 bits.

Other new additions include the high-voltage modules for KiDAQ that allow measurements of current, voltage and temperature at potentials of up to 1,200 volts. These are required for functions such as optimizing large electric motors for diverse applications. A total of four versions of the modules are available for different measurands.

Live analysis boosts measurement efficiency

The KiStudio Lab software provides a comfortable way to set up and control the individual structure of the measurement technology for each KiDAQ, using a laptop and an Ethernet connection. From now on, KiStudio Lab also offers the option of analyzing measurement data prior to export: decisions about the suitability and adequacy of completed tests can now be taken more quickly thanks to live analysis – so unnecessary work steps are eliminated.

Users can also choose from two software packages: 'Starter' and 'Professional'. Both packages include the relevant edition of the jBEAM post-processing software for comprehensive visualization and in-depth analyses of the acquired data. For these purposes, jBEAM is equipped with over 100 analytical functions, and it can process data from more than 150 different file formats.

Welcome to the world of unlimited measurement options!

Another major benefit: as of now, Kistler customers can network multiple KiDAQ systems and operate them in parallel. This allows a degree of complexity that was still considered impossible only a few years ago: but now, simultaneous measurements with several hundred channels are possible – with precise synchronization thanks to KiConnect and PTP (Precision Time Protocol). Blattner sums up: 'We're convinced that KiDAQ offers our customers a superb platform for complex measurement technology applications – and we're already planning some new additions for 2020 that are sure to be exciting.'

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