Kistler Acquisitions: Win-Win for All Concerned

The Kistler Group pursues a growth policy that is both ambitious and sustainable – and strategic acquisitions are one of its core elements. ‘Strategic’ means that Kistler deliberately selects companies which can achieve more together with Kistler than they ever could by continuing alone. The takeover of Dr. Staiger Mohilo & Co. GmbH in 2006 enabled Kistler to grow jointly with the acquired company − a classic example of this win-win philosophy.
The new building of Kistler Lorch GmbH
The new building of Kistler Lorch GmbH.

Strong Roots
Back in the 1950s, inventors Staiger and Mohilo began developing measurement and test systems for the industrial sector, which was slowly recovering after the ravages of the Second World War. Their work in the Stuttgart area paved the way for the birth of the Staiger Mohilo company, now a member of the Kistler Group. Today, this firm numbers among the world's leading manufacturers of torque sensors and complex test stand systems, which it supplies to electrical motor manufacturers, the automotive and aviation sectors, R&D institutes and universities across the globe.

International Sales Opportunities
Staiger Mohilo had strong roots in the domestic market, but it lacked the resources needed to develop sales on an international scale – a situation that made the company an ideal candidate for acquisition by Kistler. The takeover of this specialist in torque measurement technology was officially signed and sealed in June 2006. Kistler's portfolio was enhanced by the addition of specialized high-caliber strain gage technology as well as top-quality torque sensors, test stand systems and electromechanical NC joining systems; in return, highly promising sales opportunities in over 30 countries were opened up for Staiger Mohilo. Because this move created a clear win-win situation − and thanks to careful integration of the entire Staiger Mohilo team − acceptance levels on both sides were excellent.

Joint Sales and Sustainable Expansion
Kistler and Staiger Mohilo both had their own sales structures in Germany, so sales operations there were merged from 2008 onwards. In all other markets, sales and service were handled by group companies and Kistler distributors. Staiger Mohilo's headcount rose from 70 to over 130 as a result of the acquisition, and its Lorch facility was expanded with the addition of a new building and numerous modernization projects.

Writing a Success Story
Franz Winter, former CEO of Staiger Mohilo current Head of Kistler Lorch GmbH, has no doubts that the acquisition by Kistler yielded valuable synergies. ‘Our products and Kistler's range were virtually an ideal match. The piezoelectric measuring and strain gage technologies opened up the way for further consolidation of our leading position on the market. Nowadays, the Lorch facility is a Kistler Competence and Production Center for strain gage technology. Products that are developed and manufactured here in Lorch now have access to the global sales network within the Kistler Group. The integration turned into a success story and a large number of high-grade jobs were created at the Lorch site.’

Kistler Acquisitions: A Well Thought-Out Strategy
Acquisitions by the Kistler Group are always underpinned by strategic reasons. As Kistler Group CEO Rolf Sonderegger points out: ‘We target our acquisitions at companies that can enrich our portfolios of products or technologies – firms that can achieve more by joining forces with Kistler than either of them could ever hope for by continuing alone. We also set great store by careful integration of the new team. The result is that both Kistler and the newly-acquired company can grow together, thereby strengthening the market position of the two firms.’

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