It misses nothing: the all-round vehicle dynamics sensor that delivers convincing functionality and performance

Winterthur, December 2020 – The new Correvit SF-Motion from Kistler combines an unprecedented number of functions in one compact, high-performance sensor. Even lower signal noise, capability for driving speeds of up to 400 km/h and an integrated motion algorithm make this sensor ideal for demanding vehicle dynamics tests – especially in motorsport.

For decades, automobile developers have been using vehicle dynamics sensors from Kistler as the solution of choice in applications ranging from industrial production to motorsport. The Correvit brand stands for contact-free optical measurement technology that ensures accurate recording of longitudinal and transverse speed, distance, side-slip angle and other key parameters in road tests. In the new Correvit SF-Motion, Kistler has combined the functions of several sensors to achieve higher performance than ever before.

The Correvit SFII vehicle sensor serves to measure longitudinal and transverse dynamics in road tests and on race tracks.
Thanks to its integrated motion algorithm, the new multifunctional Correvit SF-Motion sensor from Kistler delivers comprehensive and accurate data on vehicle dynamics at speeds of up to 400 km/h.

Key features of the new SF-Motion – overview:

  • Compact sensor head and low weight, optimized for motorsport
  • Low installation effort, fast commissioning, efficient use
  • Additional key parameters such as acceleration and curve radius are available
  • High-precision acquisition of speed, distance and slip angle
  • Low signal delay (6 ms)
  • Automatic detection of direction of travel
  • Conversion of all measurands for each point on the vehicle
  • Mounting distance between sensor and surface (without spray guard): 180±50 mm

Integrated sensor technology delivers valuable additional data

Additional key parameters are acquired in driving tests thanks to the built-in accelerometer and angular rate sensors. As well as ensuring rapid data acquisition, the integrated motion algorithm supplies data on additional measurands such as transverse acceleration and curve radius. This gives users a comprehensive picture of the vehicle's dynamics with just one sensor, so they can perform standardized tests more efficiently. Another benefit: all measurands can be converted to any desired point on the vehicle (e.g. the center of gravity or rear axle).

Efficient use thanks to digital measuring chain

Cutting-edge Digital Transducer Interface (DTI) technology makes for simpler commissioning and data evaluation: only one cable is used to connect the sensor to the DTI-Logger and supply it with signals and energy; evaluation is handled in the KiCenter PC software via an Ethernet connection. And here's the ingenious feature: the sensor's installed position, calibration values and other physical variables are detected automatically and can be comfortably reconfigured.

State-of-the-art measurement technology to meet the highest standards

With the help of the latest optoelectronic components and advanced signal acquisition (based on DSP and FPGA), the infrared-based Correvit SF-Motion sensor from Kistler achieves unrivaled performance standards. The measurement frequency of 500 Hz ensures high-quality data even for very dynamic driving maneuvers and at speeds of up to 400 km/h. The new SF-Motion (2059A) is available with three different cable lengths (2, 5 and 10 m), and with evaluation electronics for maximum speeds of up to 400 or 250 km/h according to choice.

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