Intelligent assistance systems from Kistler help injection molders to create more added value

Winterthur, October 2019 – The Smart Factory promises more process efficiency, better product quality and increased cost efficiency: benefits that are sure to inspire everyone. But the path to the Smart Factory is full of challenges. The essential requirement: consistent digitalization of industrial manufacturing. In injection molding production, intelligent assistance systems from Kistler simplify this complex undertaking. They help to optimize process steps and generate added value. Thanks to ComoNeo, the tailor-made system from Kistler for process monitoring and control, injection molders can successfully meet ever-increasing quality requirements.

Industry 4.0 is based on two objectives: production must constantly become leaner, and added value must increase continuously. It sounds simple and – thanks to smart displays and user interfaces – it also looks simple. But in fact, in-depth expertise is essential in order to connect large numbers of complex systems to create a networked factory. To meet this challenge, Kistler offers the ComoNeo assistance systems: a comprehensive package of intelligent solutions that make it far simpler for injection molders to achieve end-to-end digitalized production. High-precision sorting of good and bad parts (including scrap reduction), setting up a robust injection molding process or reproducing an established process on a new machine, with no previous knowledge of the subject: in all these situations and more, the systems provide indispensable assistance with controlling the entire manufacturing process, and they combine maximum functionality with simple system integration and operation. They focus precisely on the points where the greatest potentials for optimization are lying hidden.

ComoNeo from Kistler is integrated in the injection molding machine to boost product quality and efficiency.
The ComoNeo process monitoring system is integrated directly in the injection molding machine to ensure higher product quality and process efficiency.

Analyze and optimize

The crucial parameter in injection molding technology is cavity pressure. It is the key to critical adjustments that boost cost-efficiency in the mold. Throughout the injection, compression and holding pressure phases, the cavity pressure profile enables operators to reliably identify effects on part quality – for example, in characteristics such as dimensional accuracy, surface quality, weight and degree of forming.

Depending on the particular application case, the ComoNeo assistance systems monitor and control the various cavity pressure parameters to ensure full control of the process. With the help of these systems, users can perform detailed analyses directly on the injection molding machine; they can quickly see how production is proceeding thanks to the fast overviews on the integrated dashboard. These systems add up to exactly the right toolkit for users to effectively reduce their scrap rates, optimize processes and maximize profitability.

Make improvements before any costs are incurred

With digitally assisted cavity pressure monitoring throughout the production process, Kistler shifts the starting-point for complete networking in the Smart Factory further forwards – so users reap the benefits even earlier. What does this mean in practice? Manufacturers can optimize production early in the process – so costs that would be incurred later on are eliminated altogether. An example: online quality prediction with ComoNeoPREDICT can provide reliable statements in advance about each part in production, and it can even predict the eventual dimensions of the part. This guarantees that manufacturers benefit from optimal products and maximum process reliability with no need to refer to values based on experience of previous scrap production. The investments pay off quickly in the form of reduced personnel and material costs as well as time saved.

It's easy to understand that definition of the limits is a critical factor in automatic monitoring and separation of scrap parts. The ComoNeoGUARD assistance system helps users to set scrap limits efficiently and transparently.

The ComoNeoRECOVER Restart Assistant was developed to enable reproduction of a tried-and-tested injection molding process on a different machine. It maps parameters for live as well as previously accepted processes, and transfers them to the new machine. Here too, the key assets are minimized scrap, time savings and increased process reliability.

Systematic assistance for every case

The broad and diverse range of assistance systems from Kistler target different points along the process chain with one clear objective in view: to boost cost efficiency in injection molding production. ComoNeoGUARD, ComoNeoMERGE, ComoNeoMULTIFLOW, ComoNeoSWITCH, ComoNeoCOMPOSITE, ComoNeoRECOVER and ComoNeoPREDICT: a united team that assists users by focusing every effort on optimizing injection molding production. These systems can be combined as needed and adapted to individual requirements. When combined with the ComoDataCenter data processing platform, they open up far-reaching possibilities for users to optimize their production processes in line with their goals so as to boost added value.

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