Flexible Solutions for Highest Precision at the Pump Test Bench

The new development test bench at Moog GmbH in Böblingen, Germany, is used for testing the efficiency of pumps and drives. 

The ultimate goal: to develop optimized systems that will permanently cut pump users' operating costs. Kistler's high-precision torque sensors are deployed on the test bench to ensure that pump efficiency is determined with the utmost accuracy.

Sophisticated testing and simulation procedures are fundamentally important in the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as in forming processes, plastics processing and the renewable energy sector. In all these applications, they can boost the efficiency of drives – and therefore complete systems, such as pumps.

Targeted efficiency improvements lead to lower energy consumption. The results: costs are cut significantly and companies can strengthen their market positioning over the long term. With its innovative concepts for precise, reliable, low-cost and environment-friendly testing, Moog offers optimal solutions for a wide variety of different markets and industrial applications.

‘Kistler's sensor technology meets our specifications in their entirety. As well as high accuracy and an EtherCAT interface, Kistler offers many other benefits − including the possibility of covering different measurement ranges with just one stator and several rotors.’
Karl-Heinz Rebstock, Head of Automation Technology at FMB Blicke

Moog test bench
Moog test bench

Benefits of Torque Measurement with Kistler KiTorq

  • Precise measurement in rotating drives and structural elements
  • Simplified installation with contactless digital signal transmission
  • Modular concept for maximum compatibility
  • Flexible interfaces for user-friendly evaluation

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Flexible Solutions for Highest Precision at the Pump Test Bench

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