Bridge protection

Bridge protection thanks to preventive monitoring

Bridges are sensitive components of the traffic infrastructure, and their lifetimes are limited. Traffic volumes are soaring all over the world, and many bridge structures are in the process of aging – two factors that combine to create a hazardous situation. Weigh In Motion systems from Kistler are the solution of first choice for both bridge monitoring and bridge protection: they supply reliable data about the actual loads on bridges to schedule maintenance accurately or alternatively WIM can detect overloaded vehicles before passing the bridge and restrict access.

Overall, Kistler offers three approaches to protecting bridges

Before a bridge is identified as critical:

  • Traffic data collection with Weigh In Motion: traffic loads have a direct impact on bridge lifetimes – so traffic load analysis is an important tool for calculating a bridge's current life expectancy.
  • Structural Health Monitoring: strain gauge sensors, accelerometers and many more technologies from Kistler are optimal solutions for monitoring changes in a bridge's structural behavior – so faults are detected at an early stage.

Once a bridge is identified as being critical:

  • Preselection of overloaded/heavy vehicles with Weigh In Motion: identified trucks are advised to a detour route.

Bridge protection plays a key role in protecting the transport infrastructure. Systems for automatic weight control (Weigh In Motion) are suitable for use before bridges. On the bridge itself, systems such as KiTraffic Statistics and selectively placed sensor technology from Kistler for continuous condition monitoring are used.

  • Certified complete systems including data processing and evaluation
  • Precise, automatic recording of traffic data while vehicles are traveling
  • Preselection and access restriction for overloaded vehicles
  • Weight-based toll collection and usage-based maintenance

Benefits of bridge protection with measuring technologies by Kistler

Longer bridge lifetimes

Overloaded vehicles are prevented from crossing the bridge

Reduced risk

Early detection and continuous monitoring of critical structures

Deep insights into bridge and pavement behavior

Diverse range of technologies to measure existing and planned structures