Kistler offers complete solutions and services for Structural Health Monitoring of bridges to protect these infrastructures.

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Protecting sensitive infrastructure

Bridges are backbones of the economy in every country in the world. These key elements of the traffic infrastructure usually consist of steel, cast iron and prestressed concrete – and nowadays, many of them are aging. It is very difficult to determine a bridge’s stability merely by inspecting the structure from the outside. But thanks to Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), operators now have solutions to identify degradations of a bridge’s structural integrity at an early stage – so they can take proactive and efficient steps to address these critical issues.

SHM enhances bridge safety by delivering these key benefits:

Extension of remaining bridge service life

Condition ranking based on effective structural response

Damage detection at an early stage

The easy way to monitor and protect your infrastructure: solutions by Kistler – from sensor to data

Backed by over 50 years of measurement technology experience, Kistler supplies fully customized monitoring solutions for bridges of all types – solutions that ensure seamless availability of highly reliable bridge structural data.


Our complete solution provides a precise determination of several physical quantities related to the structural behaviour of the bridge. Specifically, these are:


  • Traffic loads
  • Gravity forces
  • Wind loads
  • Seismic forces

Structural responses

  • Acceleration
  • Strain
  • Displacement
  • Inclination


  • Corrosion
  • Cracking 
  • Losses in stiffness or strength

Environmental effects

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Rainfall

Full data availability with Kistler’s SHM cloud software platform

Our SHM software is a comprehensive cloud-based platform that offers you a wide range of functionalities to continuously monitor key parameters related to your bridge’s structure, to receive specific notifications or alarms, and to set specific configurations and settings.

Main benefits of our SHM software solution

The Kistler SHM software for Structural Health Monitoring of bridges enables efficient and reliable system operation.
  • 24/7 real time data acquisition & secured data storage
  • Unmatched accuracy for dynamic measurements
  • Data availability guaranteed at any time. Data you can trust!
  • Notifications and alarms of relevant events
  • Remote access, configurations, and updates, from anywhere
  • Open solution, customizable to project’s requirements
  • Compliant with bridge monitoring guidelines and latest research insights

Main SHM software functionalities

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Measurement data storage and visualization

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Notifications and alerts

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Settings and configuration

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Health status monitoring

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Customer algorithm runtime

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Access rights and security

Kistler supports users with services throughout all project phases

Kistler provides a wide range of services that ensure optimal support for users in all phases of the project, and throughout the entire operation and service lifespan of our complete solution. Kistler offers you flexibility: you can source the services you require according to your specific project, your requirements, and your own expertise.

Kistler’s holistic solution to ensure traffic safety and protect infrastructure

Bridge structures have limited service lifetimes – and they face growing challenges due to natural aging as well as major increases in traffic density and loading. Holistic solutions from Kistler take account of all relevant parameters to ensure effective protection for infrastructure. At the same time as monitoring the bridge’s structure, our technology measures all vehicles passing over it on a 24/7 basis – so any vehicle violating the legal limits for gross vehicle weight, axle weight and speed can be identified and then prosecuted.

Putting monitoring solutions into practice – with Kistler

Structural Health Monitoring of bridges: more than a 100 of our K-Beam accelerometers are installed at the Runyang bridge.
Runyang Yangtze River Bridge (China)

A long-term monitoring program of the Runyang suspension bridge in China incorporates Kistler low-frequency K-Beam accelerometers to assess dynamic behavior of main cables, suspenders, girders, and towers. With over 100 accelerometers distributed along the 1,490 m long main span, this program provides continuous data for dynamic characterization, ensuring bridge functionality and mitigating the risk of sudden failures or catastrophic events, due to extreme wind loads.

Professor Zhijun Li from Civil Engineering College of Nanjing Tech University quotes “As the super long span bridge, the Runyang has a very lower frequency. After several comparisons with other sensors, the Kistler K-Beam was used in the Runyang SHM system. I analyzed the first three years and got ideal results. It is a very successful project in China”.

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