Good services at Kistler help make investments more secure and deliver sustainable added value.

Services and support

Good services help to make your investments more secure, and they deliver sustainable added value: thanks to benefits such as superior expertise in technical handling, and supplies of original parts that ensure longer system lifetimes and high-precision measurement results. We already start advising you in the preliminary phase of your project, and we continue to support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your Kistler solutions. Whenever service is needed, we're quickly on hand to assist – either on site or remotely – and we take care of repairs or replacements when necessary.

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Knowledge services

To measure is to know, but most measuring is nothing without proper know-how. That’s why we’re offering you knowledge and training courses in our certified Kistler Academy as well as tailored Webinar content on specific topics. Benefit from our expertise now!

Application-specific services

Our services are just as individual as our products: depending on the industry and purpose of use, we offer you precision-tailored services matched to the requirements of each application. Select your application area to get an overview of the application-specific services we offer!