Kistler offers complete speed enforcement solutions including laser sensor, cameras and dedicated software.

Speed enforcement

As one of the main causes of traffic accidents, speeding presents police and municipalities with significant challenges. Speed monitoring devices such as mobile measuring systems have been proven to help improve traffic safety — particularly when they correctly measure and record the speed of high-risk groups such as motorcycle drivers.

The certified speed enforcement solutions from Kistler allow speed to be flexibly monitored in a wide range of possible scenarios: be it a truck, passenger car or motorcycle — whether downtown, on the open highway or on a mountain pass — the versatile complete system for precise speed enforcement is based on the latest optical measurement technology with the single-side sensor ES 8.0. It facilitates the efficient evaluation of incident data thanks to user-friendly evaluation software – full competence from forty years of practical experience ensures legally valid documentation.

Stationary speed enforcement

The all-purpose measurement solution from Kistler enables professional mobile and stationary speed enforcement with a single system. All of the benefits of the mobile system are preserved when using it in the stationary measurement mode.

The mobile system based on the single-sided sensor from Kistler can be inserted in the protective case in just a few steps and positioned far from the street. Once equipped, the stationary measuring solution provides highly precise measurements and is protected against inclement weather and vandalism at the same time. Thanks to the flexible plug-in units and quick system settings, moving around the system between different measuring points is possible at any time, allowing it to be used at high capacity around the clock. 

Stationary speed enforcement in protective case – your benefits:

  • All advantages of the mobile system are preserved
  • Protection against vandalism
  • Protection against inclement weather, heat, moisture
  • Quickly switch from mobile to stationary operation
  • User-friendly, fast input of settings without losing time
  • Can be expanded to include section control and red light monitoring

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Mobile speed enforcement

Mobile speed enforcement using the versatile measurement solution ES 8.0 from Kistler relies on the latest optical measurement technology combined with optimum driver and license plate identification. It enables automated speed control to reliably capture speeding violations and does not require any road fixtures.

The measurement solution from Kistler easily detects various classes of vehicles – and especially motorcycles – across several lanes and measures in both directions of travel simultaneously with just one device. Certified as a reference instrument by various official organizations such as ASFINAG, METAS, NMI and PTB, the optical measurement technology guarantees legally valid measurements in a wide range of environments. The mobile solution can be upgraded to a stationary measurement solution at any time with minimal effort.

Mobile speed enforcement with Kistler – your benefits:

  • All-purpose complete system for legally valid mobile speed measurement
  • Data acquisition far from the street without limitations
  • Precise measurement independent of vehicle class, speed, terrain or number of lanes
  • Certified optical measurement technology with efficient evaluation software
  • Plug-and-play solution, no installation required in the vehicle
  • Automated measurement in non-attentive measuring mode, even far from the street
  • Completely wireless thanks to encrypted WLAN transmission technology
  • Simple, straightforward web interface for time-saving operation and evaluation
  • Quick set-up and long operation time thanks to long-lasting battery (up to eight hours)
  • Conversion to a stationary measurement solution possible at any time

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Data management software for traffic monitoring

The software solution esoDigitales3-Studio is a modular data management platform for traffic monitoring. Its comprehensive routines enable the user to manage and process his measurement data in an optimal way – not only for speed enforcement but also red light violations for example.

The measurement data management software esoDigitales3 simplifies the proof-safe processing of traffic violations, so that the effort for this task is greatly reduced – saving time and personal resources is the focus here. esoDigitales3-Studio delivers the processing of all data acquired by measuring facilities and devices for speed and red light violations which are approved by the paramount German metrological institution, the “Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt” (PTB).

The complete package esoDigitales3-Studio consists of four different modules. They are accompanied by an assistant which leads the user through every step of the process. So nothing is left to chance and all valid case data can be post-processed smoothly and efficiently.

The benefits of esoDigitales3-Studio at a glance

  • Complete data management software solution focused on usability and efficiency
  • Assistant accompanies all tasks at issue for traffic monitoring
  • Modular composition built from the four components Viewer, Reader, Coordinator, and Checkpoint
  • Comprehensive search, analyze and report functions for optimal post-processing
  • PDF export to responsible authorities and courts
  • Flexible coordination and control of measurement devices, sites and personnel

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