Piezoelectric force sensor SlimLine, ring force transducer (Fz 3 kN / 674 lbf), configurable cable length / 9130C29

Piezoelectric force sensor SlimLine, ring force transducer (Fz 3 kN / 674 lbf), configurable cable length
  • Piezoelectric force sensor SlimLine with a measuring range of Fz: 0 ... 3 kN (674 lbf)
  • Dimensions D x d x H: 8 x 2.7 x 3 mm
  • Connector: KIAG 10-32 pos. int.
  • Cable length: 0.1 to 2 m
Preloaded sensorNoMaximum measuring range3 kNRecommended preloading force0.6 kNAxial stiffness1 kN/μmShear stiffness0.3 kN/μmInsulation resistance≥10^13 ΩCase materialDIN 1.4542Nominal sensitivity–3.6±0.3 pC/NTemperature coefficient of sensitivity–0.02 %/°CLinearity≤±1 %FSODegree of protection EN 60529IP65
Measuring range0 … 3 kNForce sensor typeSingle axis force sensorMaximum bending moment Mxy (single load)1.4 NmBending stiffness0.046 kNm/°Torsional stiffness0.052 kNm/°Mass1 gCustomized cable length0.1 … 2 mOverload3.5 kNOperating temperature range-20 … 120 °COutput signal typeCharge (Piezoelectric, PE)ApplicationsSpot welding process monitoring, NVH testing
Piezoelectric force sensor, also known as piezoelectric ring force transducer, with extremely flat design for precisely measuring compression forces. Maximum resolution capacity, high stiffness and extremely compact dimensions enable ideal installation in mechanical structures. The case is hermetically sealed and has an integrated, splash-proof connecting cable with connector. This piezoelectric force sensor SlimLine is supplied uncalibrated and must be calibrated in situ after mounting for absolute measurements.The force Fz to be measured acts on the piezoelectric force sensor via the preloaded or mounting structure and produces a charge that is directly proportional to the force. This is measured by an electrode integrated in the ring force transducer and fed to the charge amplifier via the integrated cable. Because of their exceptional stiffness, SlimLine sensors are especially well suited for measuring dynamic forces. Cyclic measurements or measurements over several minutes are also possible, however. The sensor is especially well suited for measuring forces in shunt mode. This means that the sensor is embedded and preloaded in a structure. As a result, it is loaded with only part of the process force. Its especially small size is ideally suited for installation in structures such as force plates, fitting strips and tools. The sensor is used in industrial production processes in which forces are monitored or measured. Used in combination with a ControlMonitor, the sensor is ideal for quality control and monitoring.
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