Kistler offers comprehensive crash measurement technology and know-how for a broad range of vehicle safety tests.

Automotive safety and crash test

Saving lives day after day

With the growing number of automobiles on the roads and increasingly complex traffic conditions, automotive safety requirements are becoming more stringent. To move closer to Vision Zero and enhance road traffic safety, automobile manufacturers conduct extensive crash tests. Whether the systems are pre-crash, crash, or post-crash, they all require state-of-the-art measurement technology to meet these critical goals.

Prepare and carry out vehicle crash tests – quick and convenient – with the know-how and measurement technology from Kistler

Kistler, one of the world's leading system providers, supplies specific measurement equipment for automotive safety and crash tests. Our range includes high-precision sensors, reliable data acquisition systems, crash test dummies (ATD), comprehensive application software for complex measurements in the automotive sector and customized services. Drawing on our expertise in crash measurement technology, we offer complete measurement systems for vehicle and component crash tests as well as specific solutions for customers in this segment.

Measuring systems for automotive safety and crash test are often in use for 15 years or more. New or re-engineered components are frequently added during a system's lifetime, and the acquired data reaches enormous proportions – so the level of complexity increases. This is why Kistler always takes evolving requirements into account as it develops new components.

We don’t just sell products – we take over responsibility for all processes to make them run smoothly

Put your trust in the leading system provider for crash test equipment. We are right by your side. A dedicated engineer will take care of your individual measurement requirements. Our support includes on-site repairs, spare part services and calibration services for you.

Benefit from our automotive safety and crash test equipment

Vehicle crash test measuring systems from Kistler support you in preparing, performing and post-processing crash tests.

Our measurement technology plays a key part in preparing, performing and post-processing automotive safety and crash tests. Our measurement systems feature simple installation and intuitive operation. Automated setups save time and money, with fast results guaranteed. With precise measurement data as the basis, our innovative systems supply valuable knowledge for developers of vehicle safety systems.


  • Comprehensive portfolio of automotive safety and crash test equipment for vehicle crash tests, sled tests and component tests 
  • Complete system solutions
  • Reliable high-resolution data acquisition systems, such as KiDAU
  • CrashDesigner as easy software that operates with all Kistler crash data acquisition systems (DAQ/DAS)
  • Flexible modification
  • Complete documentation 

World-class in-dummy data acquisition solutions (DTI) for automotive safety and crash tests

Systems for in-dummy data acquisition in crash tests from Kistler require zero volume and are set up quickly.

Crash test dummies are used to measure acceleration, moments and forces during automotive safety and crash tests that act on human beings subjected to accidents and detonations. We provide high-precision sensor technology and cutting-edge integrated data acquisition solutions for all types of dummies. An extensive offering of software makes crash test preparation and execution fast and convenient.


  • Simple dummy positioning
  • Zero volume DAQ/DAS inside dummies
  • Built-in data acquisition does not influence dummy behavior because only one system cable is connected
  • Very short setup times for crash test preparation due to integrated data acquisition systems 
  • Over 25,000 in-dummy data acquisition channels on the market
  • Autonomous data acquisition
  • CrashDesigner as easy software application that operates with all Kistler crash DAQ/DAS systems
  • Complete documentation 

Crash sensors – proven precision made by Kistler

Kistler offers crash sensors for vehicles, every dummy type, also high-precision force measurement systems (load cell walls).

Precise measurements of acceleration, moments and forces in crash tests are essential for developing systems for active and passive automotive safety. We offer cutting-edge vehicle sensor technology, high-precision load cell walls for measuring force and sensors for each type of dummy.


  • Extensive portfolio of dummy sensors, such as load cells, accelerometers and displacement sensors
  • Sensors can be fully integrated on request (in-dummy sensors DTI)
  • Instrumented crash barriers compliant with NHTSA, IIHS and EuroNCAP
  • Sensor technology for high-dynamic measurements
  • Complete documentation

Cutting-edge crash test dummies (ATDs) – you have the choice

Kistler offers a broad range of  state-of-the-art crash test dummies segment.

Our portfolio of crash test dummies includes male, female and biofidelic anthropomorphic test devices (ATDs). The male and female crash test dummies are used worldwide by legal authorities, insurances and regulators, automotive manufacturers, safety and interior suppliers as well as manufacturers of child safety seats.

Advantages of the THOR-50M crashtest dummy:

  • DTI ready, up to 288 channels
  • Configuration according to NHTSA or EuroNCAP possible
  • Standard or optional instrumentation according to customer requirements
  • THOR-50M dummy fulfills the requirements in accordance with TB026 and official supplier for dummy for EuroNCAP testing
  • One-stop store – Dummy, instrumentation, in-dummy DTI technology

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