Kistler offers high-tech measuring and testing systems for the tire industry as well as tire research and testing.

Measuring and test systems for the tire industry

Take full advantage of top performance

The tire industry has to face increasing requirements that also apply to the measuring systems used by tire developers and manufacturers in their tire tests. Vehicle tires have to fulfill ever-higher expectations and must comply with stricter international standards. The focus is on fuel consumption and noise emissions as well as more stringent safety and environmental standards. This is leading to a continuous overall increase in the approvals issued for tires, because the growing numbers of equipment variants for each vehicle model are also reflected in different options for tires – resulting in individual specifications for OEMs. Also, each car manufacturer gives priority to different tire characteristics such as steerability, sporting performance or ride comfort.

Electromobility, too, entails new requirements for tire specifications – due to the increased weight and higher torque of electric vehicles, among other reasons. Higher loads require tires with increased lateral stiffness, and the braking distance is extended. Lower rolling resistance helps to improve energy efficiency and thus increases the vehicle's range. Lower noise emissions mean comfort in the passenger compartment – and this criterion is becoming extremely important now that noise from a combustion engine is eliminated. However, immediate torque on start-up leads to faster wear and / or reduced running performance. 

"Made-to-measure" tires are in demand. Flexible testing capacities and shorter test times are the keys to maintaining competitive edge. 

Equipped for every tire test – play safe with our measuring and test systems for the tire industry

  • Fast approvals
  • Wide application scope thanks to compact design
  • Short testing times thanks to high reliability based on maximum reproducibility

Benefits of Kistler measuring and test systems for the tire industry and tire developers

A safe and sustainable investment

  • Long lifetimes thanks to robust and sustainable design
  • Low maintenance costs
  • For stationary and mobile tire tests
  • Ideal for upgrading tire test stands
  • Worldwide technical service from our local Service Centers


  • Over 25 years of experience in tire testing
  • High-precision measuring hubs, measuring sensors and wheel force transducers for reliable measurement data
  • Validated test systems based on many years of operation by all the world's leading tire, automobile and test stand manufacturers
  • Overload protection


  • Measuring hubs specially developed for highly dynamic and long-term measurements
  • Easy handling  
  • Different technologies (piezoelectric, strain gauge and optical measurement technology) to ensure optimal alignment with testing requirements
Measurement of rolling resistance – the RoaDyn S220 measuring hub from Kistler (highlighted in blue) used to measure the rolling resistance of a passenger car tire (C1) on the tire test stand. It captures wheel forces using the high-precision force measurement method as specified by the currently applicable standards: ISO 28580, SAE J1269, and ECE R117.

With every tire test you perform, take advantage of Kistler RoaDyn measuring hubs, measuring sensors and wheel force transducers!

Our RoaDyn measuring hubs, measuring sensors and wheel force transducers record wheel forces and moments on tire test stands in laboratories and on mobile test vehicles. The force flux is optimized thanks to their compact design. This virtually eliminates parasitic influences such as force shunt, friction in the guideways, or influences due to large lever arms. Each measuring chain is completed by matching electronics to simplify implementation in your test stand.

Benefits of our RoaDyn measuring hubs for uniformity tests (HSU, NVH)

RoaDyn P530 measuring hub, Type 9295B1
  • Detect disruptive vibrations of a tire or wheel as the basis for eliminating the disturbing noises caused by them
  • Validate the dynamic parameters of a tire model
  • Specifically developed for highly dynamic measurements
  • High measuring accuracy and natural frequency thanks to the excellent stiffness of piezoelectric sensors
  • High load capacities combined with compact design
  • Various designs for different load ranges up to 100 kN
  • Measuring hubs for use with passenger cars available within short periods
  • Adaptations possible to meet customers' individual requirements
  • Upgrade for existing test stands (e.g. in acoustics laboratories) at low cost and effort

Figure: RoaDyn P530 measuring hub, Type 9295B1

Advantages of our RoaDyn measuring hubs for rolling resistance measurements

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  • Specially developed strain gauge load cells feature high sensitivity.
  • Reduced testing times lead to cost savings of up to 30 percent by measuring with the force measurement method – two tires can be tested at the same time. 
  • Direct measurement of the tangential force Fx and the tire contact force Fz – the test stand can be controlled with no additional force measurement, and the tire's rolling resistance can be calculated.
  • Real measurements eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming downstream data processing.
  • Measuring hubs are specifically designed for wheel loads of 20 kN (passenger cars: C1) or 60 kN (trucks: C2, C3).

Figure: RoaDyn S260 measuring hub, Type 9289A113

We supply the complete measuring chain for your application – everything from one single source

Characterizing the NVH behavior of tires on the tire test stand

Disturbing tire noise and vibrations (HSU, NVH) are gaining importance as the transformation of mobility proceeds and the percentage of alternative propulsion systems continues to increase. Thanks to piezo-based measuring hubs specifically developed for highly dynamic measurements, you can quickly identify the critical frequency ranges and non-uniformities of your tire.

You want to

  • Identify and analyze tire non-uniformities in all directions (HSU, flatspot, cleat)
  • Determine the tires' key data
  • Validate the dynamic parameters of tire models


  • Accurately measure dynamic force variations in all three directions: radial force variation (RFV), lateral force variation (LFV) and tangential force variation (TFV)
  • Evaluate resonances and harmonic oscillations in the tire or the entire wheel

Recommended Kistler measuring and test systems for the tire industry

  • RoaDyn P530 measuring hub for passenger car tires
  • RoaDyn P5MT measuring hub for truck tires with loads of up to 100 kN
  • LabAmp charge amplifier

Determining rolling resistance on the tire test stand

You want to 

  • Provide proof that rolling resistance design is optimal: a balance between minimum fuel consumption/minimum CO2 emissions and maintenance of safety-relevant tire characteristics and running performance 
  • Define the rolling resistance that is disclosed to the end customer in the form of the tire label


  • Perform rolling resistance measurements on the tire test stand as per ISO 28580, SAE J1269 and ECE R117
  • Accurately measure the rolling resistance based on the force measurement method. For this purpose, both force directions (Fx and Fz) are measured directly in the measuring hub. Parasitic influences are largely eliminated because the force sensors are positioned directly at the point of load application.

Recommended Kistler measuring and test systems for the tire industry

  • RoaDyn S220 measuring hub to measure rolling resistance of passenger car tires on the tire test stand
  • RoaDyn S260 measuring hub to measure rolling resistance of utility vehicle tires on the tire test stand
  • Digital electronics: KiRoad Tire Test, Type 9820Axx
  • Analog electronics: Type 5633A1

Validating tire models

You want to

  • Validate tire models both statically and dynamically in order to optimize development times for new tires and reduce the required numbers of test tires and tests


  • Perform three-dimensional measurements of tire stiffness using a force plate whose measuring range can be matched exactly to the expected force
  • Use a drum test stand with mounted cleat for dynamic excitation of the tire/wheel and simultaneous measurement of the tire's frequency behavior

Recommended Kistler measuring and test systems for the tire industry

  • Multicomponent dynamometer, Type 9255C
  • Highly dynamic RoaDyn P530 and P5MT measuring hubs are used to measure the force amplitudes, dynamic behavior of a tire, power spectrum density and impact transient time response in the cleat test
The measuring hub from Kistler measures highly dynamic force variations on the tire test stand with cleat.

Tire test: measurement of highly dynamic force variations
Highly dynamic RoaDyn P530 and P5MT measuring hubs are used to measure the force amplitudes, dynamic behavior of a tire, power spectrum density and impact transient time response in the cleat test.

End-of-line (EOL) testing

You want to

  • Assess the quality of tires or complete wheels based on measurement results at the end of the production line
  • Separate out unsatisfactory tires to prevent costly recall actions


  • Measure the tire non-uniformity in all three directions in the slow range (TU, Tire Uniformity, 10 km/h) as well as the fast range (HSU, High Speed Uniformity, 120 km/h)

Recommended Kistler measuring and test systems for the tire industry

  • Prefabricated and calibrated force plate to install the customer's spindle
  • Set of four preloaded 3-component force sensors (force links), Type 93x7, for independent installation in the machine structure

Solutions for customer-specific geometries and load ranges are possible.

Acquire road load data

You want to

  • Capture road load data close to real values during a defined test procedure with the vehicle on the test track or in real traffic, in order to perform subsequent tire tests on the tire test stand efficiently, while conserving resources, and in less time


  • Measure real forces, moments and speeds on the vehicle using wheel force transducers and speed sensors

Recommended Kistler measuring and test systems for the tire industry

  • RoaDyn S6xy wheel force transducers
  • Correvit L-Motion, Type 5335A
  • Correvit SFII, Type CSF2A
  • Driver Assistance Systems (DAS) or driving robots simplify time-consuming and cost-intensive test drives for you – or they may even take over all the work
Fully equipped measurement vehicle for road load data acquisition
Fully equipped measurement vehicle to acquire road load data. With the addition of pedal and steering robots, Type CG300/Type CS-B20, test runs can largely be performed autonomously.

Force and moment (F&M), tire endurance and tire wear tests

You want to

  • Measure the forces and moments in the tire footprint to understand:
    • Wheel alignment behavior and contribution to steering
    • The spring rates of the tire in all three orthogonal directions
  • The impact of design adjustments into tire lifetime


  • Perform force and moment (F&M) measurements on tire test stands

Use the static and accurate measuring results not only for tire research but also for controlling the test stand (closed loop control).

Recommended Kistler measuring and test systems for the tire industry

  • RoaDyn S530 measuring hub type 9289A013A1 / 9289A013A2  for passenger car tires up tp 30 kN load
  • RoaDyn S5ST measuring hub type 9289A253 for truck and bus (T&B) tires up tp 60 kN load
  • RoaDyn S5MT measuring hub type 9289A273 for truck and bus (T&B) tires up tp 100 kN load
  • Digital electronics KiRoad Tire Test type 9820Axx combined with type 5260A1120 / 5260A2120

Driving robots for efficient tire testing and highly accurate reproducibility (ADAS)

You want to

  • Save ressources and money
  • Improve the accuracy of real tire tests on the car
  • Reduce amount of repetitive test runs through precisely driven test profiles
  • Receive consistent road load data with simultaneous use of Kistler wheel force transducers 


  • Train the driving robot using the «Record and Replay» functionallity
  • Use predefined test procedures or develop your individual test profile

Recommended Kistler measuring and test systems for the tire industry

  • Pedal Robots type CG300, CC800, CP800, CB2100
  • Steering Robots type CS-B20, CS-B40, CS-B60, CS-B60T, CS-B150T 

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